7 Questions

Seven questions on how “I Don’t!” works and to ask yourself during the video.

1. What is an addiction?

Answer: it is a compulsive, repetitive need for a substance or behavior that is harmful.

2. Is an addiction a mental construct?

Answer: Yes! All action flows from beliefs. The mind believes that the addiction is a good thing to do.

3. Is an addiction a “mental agreement” in the mind.

Answer: Yes! The mind agrees with itself that now is a good time to partake in the addiction.

4. What is a mental agreement?

Answer; Words that are believed and agreed upon with a strong commitment.

5. What is an example of a mental agreement?

Answer: I give myself permission to have a cigarette or drink right now because I need a break.

6. How does “I Don’t” intervene in the process?

Answer: “I Don’t” is a powerful thought stopping mental agreement. When a person commits to an “I don’t!” statement, it significantly increases the chances of stopping the behavior.

7. Does “I don’t!” really work?

Answer: Yes if you commit to it. Believe and you will see. In the beginning it will be difficult, but with each day the “I Don’t” commitment gets stronger as you see the results.

Try it. Believe it. Commit to it, and watch how it helps you gain be freedom.

Words are powerful

Watch Davis describes a mechanism of the mind that helps his patients overcome addiction. Read the 7 questions to help you on your path.